EDMT Thesis Directors, Committee and PhD reps

Thesis Directors

Economics & Technology Policy
Prof. Claudia Binder Human Environment Relations in Urban Systems
Prof. Dominique Foray Economics and Management of Innovation
Prof. Gaetan de Rassenfosse Innovation and IP Policy
Prof. Matthias Finger Network industry Management & e-governance
Prof. Frédéric Kaplan Digital Humanities Lab
Prof. Luisa Lambertini International Finance
Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Prof. Pierre Dillenbourg Computer-supported collaborative learning
Prof. Marc Gruber Entrepreneurship and Technology Commercialization
Prof. Christopher Tucci Corporate Strategy and Innovation
Prof. Kenneth Younge Technology and Innovation Strategy
Operations Management & Strategy
Prof. Boi Faltings Artificial Intelligence
Prof. Negar Kiyavash Business Analytics
Prof. Daniel Kuhn Risk Analytics and Optimization
Prof. Ralf Seifert Technology and Operations Management
Prof. Thomas Weber Operations, Economics and Strategy
Prof. Alain Wegmann Systemic Modeling
Prof. Philippe Wieser Logistics, Economy and Management

Doctoral Program Committee

Prof. Thomas Weber, Director

Prof. Kenneth Younge, Mentor

Prof. Matthias Finger

Prof. Negar Kiyavash

Prof. Gaetan de Rassenfosse

Prof. Christopher Tucci

PhD Students Representative

Yara Kayyali Elalem