EDMS Topics of past courses

A complete list of current doctoral courses recommended by EDMS can be found on the Course Book page. Some are offered repeatedly each year or bi-annually, whereas others are only organized only once and on diverse topics.
To give a flavor of this diversity, past doctoral courses are listed below.

Current course(s) offered repeatedly:

BIO-684 Hot Topics in Cancer Research (various teachers; coordinator: Prof. E. Meylan)

BIO-657 Landmark Papers in Cancer and Infection (various teachers; coordinator: Prof. J. Fellay)
(Every other year, next time: Spring 2020)

Current courses are advertised in the Course book.

Previous courses

Semester Subject
Spring 2015 Hot Topics in Cancer Research II
Spring 2014 Hot Topics in Cancer Research I
Fall 2013 Infection and Immunity
Fall 2012 Current concepts and techniques in cancer stem cell biology
Spring 2012 Evolutionary Biology
Fall 2011 Proteases in Health and Disease
Spring 2011 Mechanisms of development in multicellular organisms
Fall 2010 Tumor Immunology
Spring 2010 NF-kB, inflammation and cancer
Fall 2010 Cell polarity
Spring 2009 RNA
Fall 2008 Mechanisms and Physiology of Membrane Traffic
Spring 2008 Molecular Biology of Cancer
Fall 2008 Tumor-host interactions
Spring 2007 Genome stability and cancer
Fall 2006 Global interrogation of biological processes
Spring 2006 Trends in Developmental Biology
Fall 2005 Immunity
Spring 2005 STEM Cell Biology
Fall 2004 Cancer Biology
Spring 2004 Cell Proliferation, Growth and Death
Fall 2003 Cellular Aspects of the Ubiquitin-Proteasome Pathway
Spring 2003 Mechanisms of Development in Multicellular Organisms
Fall 2002 Genetic Approaches to Solving Biological Problems