EDIC Course Registration

General Information

  • In addition, first-year students (enrolled in September 2018) are requested to register for courses and projects by completing this form.
  • Registration is only possible for the forthcoming academic year. If you choose a course given in 2019-2020, please wait until September 2019 to sign up for it.

Deadline for Spring Semester

  • Please make your final choice by February 27, 2019 at the latest.

Withdrawal from a Course

  • Here are the deadlines to withdraw from a course; possible via your secure access to IS-Academia:
  • –  November 21, 2018 (fall semester)
  • –  May 3, 2019 (spring semester)
  • Please note that withdrawal after this deadline will not be taken into consideration and a failure will be notified on your statement of grades.