EDIC Thesis Schedule

These are the administrative deadlines which PhD students must meet during their PhD studies. Please do not send any forms directly to the Registrar’s Office (SAC). All documents must be approved by the EDIC Program Director.

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Total Credit Requirement: 30 Credits

+ 1 week max.

  • Contact the doctoral program in order to get the enrollment form which is completed and duly signed by:
    • the candidate
    • the thesis director (unaffiliated students have up to 1 year to find one)
    • the doctoral program director
  • Please note that a request for a co-direction must be submitted separately

Contact : Cecilia Chapuis

+ 12 months max.

  • Pass a depth course with a grade of 5
  • Pass the candidacy exam

The minimum credit requirement at the end of the 1st year is:

  • 4 credits with courses
  • 12 credits with projects (one 6-credit project per semester)

Contact : Madeleine Robert

+ 12 months max. (1st attempt)

+ 15 months max. (2nd attempt)

  • There is no possibility to extend the deadlines for the candidacy exam

Contact : Cecilia Chapuis

Each year by October 15

  • After passing the candidacy exam, a doctoral student must meet their thesis director once a year to fill out the annual report form

Contact : Madeleine Robert

+ 4 years max. (3 years max. from admission date

  • See EPFL internal regulations
  • A minimum of 2 years after the enrollment is required for the presentation of a thesis work
  • If a doctoral student cannot finish working on their thesis within 4 years after their enrollment, the thesis director needs to submit a request for extension. The form should be sent to the EDIC doctoral program.

Contact : Madeleine Robert

– 8 weeks before the oral exam at the latest

  • For the oral thesis defense, a Jury Proposal Form is required by the Registrar’s Office (SAC), 7 weeks prior to the scheduled date. Therefore, this form must be handed to EDIC 8 weeks before the date of the oral examination, together with the statement of results, signed by the thesis director
  • To download the Jury Proposal Form, login to IS-Academia and connect to the << Lecturers’ Portal >>. Go to new << Thesis >> tab and check the information displayed. Organize the oral exam (including the Jury Proposal Form)

Contact : Madeleine Robert

+ 4 weeks min. (max. 6 months) after the oral exam

  • Public defense if the oral exam is passed without reserve

+ 1 month max. after the oral exam

  • The thesis in its final form is handed over to the Registrar’s Office (SAC) if the oral exam was passed and the thesis accepted without reserve