EDIC Mentors (2nd-year onwards)

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In their second year of PhD studies, EDIC doctoral students should complete an online form listing in order of priority their four preferences for an IC faculty member to replace the first-year contact person. Doctoral students should choose a mentor who is independent of their thesis advisor(s), and outside of their research area. The EDIC program attributes the final mentor.

The role of the mentor is to mediate between the doctoral student and the thesis advisor, other faculty, or the administration. EDIC doctoral students should meet their assigned mentor at least once or twice a year or whenever some guidance might be required.

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Abbé, Emmanuel

Aberer, Karl

Ailamaki, Anastasia

Boulic, Ronan

Bugnion, Edouard

De Micheli, Giovani

Dillenbourg, Pierre

Falsafi, Babak

Falting, Boi

Flammarion, Nicolas

Fua, Pascal

Gastpar, Michael

Gerstner, Wulfram

Guerraoui, Rachid

Huang, Jeffrey

Hubaux, Jean-Pierre

Ienne, Paolo

Jaggi, Martin

Koch, Christoph

Kuncak, Viktor

Larus, James

Le Boudec, Jean-Yves

Lenstra, Arjen

Lévêque, Olivier

Macris, Nicolas

Odersky, Martin

Pauly, Mark

Payer, Mathias

Pu Faltings, Pearl

Rimoldi, Bixio

Süsstrunk, Sabine

Svensson, Ola

Telatar, Emre

Thiran, Patrick

Troncoso, Carmela

Urbanke, Rüdiger

Vaudenay, Serge

Wegmann, Alain

West, Robert