EDIC Doctoral Thesis Distinction

Thesis Distinction

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Each year, a distinction is granted to a selection of very high quality theses, in order to highlight the doctoral candidates' research work and their scientific merit. For each doctoral program, nominated graduates are selected on the basis of their oral examination. Then the program committee evaluates the nominees and rewards the best 8%.

2018 EDIC Laureates

Laureates Thesis Title Thesis Director
Daglis, Alexandros Network-Compute Co-Design for Distributed In-Memory Computing Falsafi, Babak; Bugnion Edouard
Kandhadai, Ravi Algorithmic Resource Verification Kuncak, Viktor
Maystre, Lucas Efficient Learning from Comparisons Grossglauser, Matthias
Norouzi Fard, Ashkan Algorithms for Clustering Problems: Theoretical Guarantees and Empirical Evaluations Svensson, Ola
Shaikhha, Amir Compilation and Code Optimization for Data Analytics Koch, Christoph

2017 EDIC Laureates

Laureates Thesis Title Thesis Director
Ichim, Alexandru Physics-based Reconstruction and Animation of Humans Pauly, Mark
Mondelli, Marco From Polar to Reed-Muller Codes: Unified Scaling, Non-standard Channels, and a Proven Conjecture Urbanke, Rüdiger
Radanovic, Goran Elicitation and Aggregation of Crowd Information Faltings, Boi