EDEY Course information


  • Modelling, optimisation, design and analysis of integrated energy systems – ME-602 – 2 credits
    Next time: December 2020


  • Biomass Conversion – ENG-618 – 2 credits
    Next time: tbd
  • Energy planning: modeling and decision support systems – CIVIL 603 – 3 credits
    Next time: June 2020
    Participants for the course to occur: minimum 3
  • Field-Based Insights into the Implementation of Renewable Energies (Summer School Mont-Soleil) – 2 credits
    Dates: tbd
    Place: Mont-Soleil – above St-Imier (BE)
    Mandatory registration throught the website (see above) – For EPFL students, no need to register in IS-Academia, it will be done after the course by the students’ service and you will get your credits.
  • Frédéric Joliot/Otto Hahn Summer School on nuclear reactors “Physics, fuels and systems” – PHYS-600 – 3 credits
    Course organized in Karlsruhe (Germany) every year during summer time.
    For further information, click here.
  • Modelling, optimisation, design and analysis of integrated energy systems.
    Next time: December 2020
  • NRG2021 Energy systems – 2 credits (replaces the Eurotech course)
    Next time: June 2021 (every 2 years)
  • Solar photovoltaics and energy systems – ChE-600 – 2 credits
    Next time: tbd
  • Transient and dynamic analysis of electric power systems – EE-603 – 3 credits
    Next time: September 2021

For futher information, contact edey(at)epfl.ch