EDCH PhD students 1 year

  • New PhD students
  • BI Annual Report (6 months report template)
    Bi Annual confidential part
  • ISA (Is-Academia)
  • Candidacy examination
    Login to your ISA portal and follow instructions to prepare for your candidacy exam.
    You have access here to a small form to announce the experts for your exam (jury proposal for candidacy exam). Clic “Generate” when you filled the information and I will receive the copy by email (sufficient).
    The number of experts:1 expert, 1 Chairman, your PhD advisor and co-PhD advisor (if any). When you fill this form, it generates the coverpage for your Research plan.
    The research plan should be submitted to [email protected] at the latest + 7days prior to the exam date before noon.
  • Forms
  • Teaching duties
  • Mentor
    A mentor is chosen by the doctoral student and approved by the EDCH program director for each doctoral student max 6months after registering into the EDCH program. The role of the mentor is to mediate between the doctoral student and the PhD advisor, other faculty, or the administration.
    A doctoral student may directly contact the EDCH mentor, who will make suggestions to resolve possible issues. You may choose any PhD advisor part of our program.