EDCE Candidacy exam

Instructions for EDCE Candidacy exam

Before the exam

Please read the instructions about the jury and the candidacy exam in the  EDCE regulations

Instruction about how to fill in the requested information in IS-Academia: ISA – Instructions

Here you find a guideline for the research plan:  Reseach plan.

Your jury proposal and statement of results will be sent by email to EDCE when you generate your jury proposal.  We need the jury proposal 2 weeks before the exam.

If no confirmation in 3 days then take contact.

EDCE doesn’t need any papers to be signed before the exam. If there is a problem, you will be contacted directly.
Please print and keep the first page of your research plan.
You need to submit a first version of your research plan, 20-30 pages to the committee no less than 15 days prior to the date of the exam, according to the EDCE Regulation.
The presentation will last no more than 30 minutes.
After the exam:
EDCE administrator needs to receive:
          the candidacy exam evaluation duly completed and signed, this is done by the President
          one copy of the final Research Plan by email
          the first page of your research plan, signed by you, your thesis director and your co-director if applicable.
This is to be handed in to the EDCE office maximum ten days after the exam.
Important information : if you can’t organise your exam within 12 months from your enrolment date, you have to fill out a request for extension, send an email to the EDCE office.  [email protected]
Please keep EDCE informed with the planned date and the progression of your exam.