EPFLinnovators – Soumettre une candidature – 3. Après la décision

In May 2018 (call 1) and August 2018 (call 2), the Office of the programme informs the candidates on the outcome of their application. For more details, see the timeline.

The selected candidates can start immediately after they have received the decision letter and the formal requirements for their contract have been organized. EPFLinnovators should start at the latest on 1 September 2018.

EPFLinnovators should provide each year an annual report on the progress of their work to their thesis director, according to the regulations of their doctoral programme to which they are affiliated, as well as to the Office of the programme. Templates for the annual report can be obtained from the doctoral programme’s administration.

EPFLinnovators (H2020 grant agreement no. 754354, call 2018)

The EPFLinnovators fellowship consists of a monthly contribution of 1’855 Euro to the salary of the PhD candidate at EPFL. The remaining part of the salary is provided by the thesis director, in compliance with the EPFL general salary scale for doctoral students. See also the following link: Doctoral student’s salary.

The duration of an EPFLinnovators fellowship is 48 months and cannot be prolonged. Employment after the initially granted time must be financed from other sources.

Practical information about living in Switzerland can be found on the web-site ‘Just Joined EPFL’.

The EPFL is situated in the French-speaking part of Switzerland where French is the language of daily interaction and of most undergraduate teaching. EPFL is also a high-level international institution: a large proportion of our research and our Master and (post) PhD level courses are conducted in English. EPFL Fellows do not need to be able to speak French in order to begin a postdoctoral stay at EPFL, but for convenience and personal enrichment it is strongly encouraged to learn the language. A language center on the EPFL campus offer language courses in French. Courses are also offered to improve written and spoken English to the high standards required in international research. Courses in two of Switzerland’s other national languages, Italian and German, are also available.

Rebuttal period

All candidates have the right to a rebuttal procedure if they feel that there has been a shortcoming in the way their candidacy was evaluated and that this shortcoming affected the results of eligibility checks or the final decision. This procedure is not intended to call into question the scientific judgement of the external reviewers or the assessment by the IEC, but to address failings in the evaluation process.

A written request for rebuttal must be submitted within 30 days from the decision date to the Office of the programme. The rebuttal request will be reviewed by the Office of the programme to ensure that it concerns a procedural shortcoming rather than a judgement on the scientific evaluation conducted by the experts. If the rebuttal request is valid, it will be transferred to the IEC for further review and decision.

The candidate will be informed of the outcome of her/his rebuttal request within six weeks after the reception of his request by the Office of the programme. Only one request for rebuttal per proposal will be considered. All requests for rebuttal will be treated confidentially.