EPFLinnovators – Soumettre une candidature – 1. Préparer une candidature

Applications for EPFLinnovators should be submitted via the online submission platform.

The on-line submission platform will open on 1 November 2017. The deadline for the submission of applications is (1st call) 15 January 2018 (17:00 hr CET) and (2nd call) 16 April 2018 (17:00 hr CET).

For authentication, use your EPFL computer account if you have one, or otherwise you can create a temporary account. This authentication allows you to return to the form to complete it or to observe the status of your candidacy. The electronic submission form makes it possible to enter the data necessary for the application and to upload the required documents.

The following information should be submitted:

a) Indication of application to EPFLinnovators programme by ticking the dedicated box on the online platform
b) Personal details and academic background (curriculum vitae)
c) Selection of the doctoral program you wish to apply to
d) Three (3) reference letters (submitted online by the referees)
e) A pdf version of the following documents:
  • Official transcripts of diplomas and grades from all academic institutions of higher education listed in the application (after and not including high-school)
  • Certified translations of diplomas and grades into English if not originally in French, German, Italian or English.
  • Statement of objectives of maximum 2 pages which clearly explains the candidate’s motivation for the EPFLinnovators programme
  • A copy of passport or official identity document showing full name

Once you have uploaded all these documents and confirmed all the details you have provided, you will be asked to complete and submit your application by validating it.

Applications cannot be updated after the submission.