EDOC LaTeX Template


This template was created for free by an EPFL doctoral candidate. Following its initial publication, the template’s creator modified it to take care of any and all problems that were identified by users. These days though, that person has other fish to fry (ainsi que d’autres chats à fouetter). If you identify any bugs – and know how to fix them – please do so and let us know at [email protected].


This thesis template is a suggestion

You are not obliged to follow any of the employed formatting (but remember to stay within the requirements given in the Internal Regulations!). It is simply a document that can help you to write your thesis.

The compilation fails: it says "LaTeX Error: Unknown option `explicit' for package `titlesec'

The package titlesec has been modified in 2007 to include an option which allows more customization of the chapter titles. This template relies heavily on this option. In order to resolve this, you need to update to a more recent version (either your full Latex-Distribution or at least the titlesec package).

I have a problem with special characters, the compilation fails as soon as there is a special character in my file

For best cross-platform compatibility, the template is configured for “UTF-8” input encoding instead of platform specific encodings (such as “Western-Latin for Mac”). In your Latex-Editor, be sure that the files are saved with this encoding.

(In TeX-Shop for Mac: Preferences -> Source-Code -> Encoding -> “UTF-8”. You’ll need to re-open and save the files in order to make the change happen).


I'm using "mhchem" for typesetting chemical formula and there is a bug in the compilation

This package is under active development: it has been updated on 2011/06/03 to version 3.11 correcting for an incompatibilty with some font-related packages. Please update your Latex-distribution to this latest version of mhchem by downloading the newest version from CTAN and replacing your existing mhchem.sty file by the newer version.

I want to use Tex+dvi for compiling my files, because I have a lot of .eps graphics and I don't want to convert all of them and use pdftex for compiling my files

Never mind for the .eps files: the pdftex compiler is able to convert them automatically to .pdf files. In some configurations you will not even need to do anything besides specifying the full graphic-file-names (ex: “mybeautifuleps.eps”). If this fails, you can still include the epstopdf package manually.

The template chapter header styles are unfortunately not (yet) compatible with tex+dvi compilation, so there is really no way around the pdftex compiler at the very moment if you want to use this template.

I'm using Fedora and I don't know how to update my Latex-distribution to make the template work

In principle this is really specific to your operating system and we don’t provide support for your operating system – also because we cannot be familiar with every single operating system on the market 🙂
But a user that had these problems, wanted to share his experience with you: 1) First go to the <a href=”http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Featuers/TeXLive”>Fedora TeX-Live</a> project webpage. 2) update your system according to the information on that webpage 3) You need to manually update the following packages:&nbsp;fourier, lipsum, titlesec, boites. Do this by typing:

sudo yum install ‘tex(fourier.sty)’ ‘tex(lipsum.sty)’ ‘tex(titlesec.sty)’ ‘tex(boites.sty)’

He also needed to install an additional package to make this Tex-Live distribution being able to compile with pdftex under Fedora:&nbsp;sudo yum install ‘tex(auto-pst-pdf.sty)’
And then finally he also needed to include this last package somewhere in the settings of the template:&nbsp;\usepackage{auto-pst-pdf}

The compilation fails with the error message "! pdfTeX error (font expansion): auto expansion is only possible with scalable fonts

This error stems from an incompatibility of your system with the font used for the titlepage. We might change this for the whole template design soon, but in the mean time, just open “head/titlepage.tex” -&gt; go to line 4 and put the line in comment by adding a “%” in front of the line such that it reads “%\sffamily”. After this the compilation should work.