EDOC Les échéances académiques

The 4 years of doctoral studies at EPFL

FAQ Fin de thèse

Here is a schedule summarizing the main academic steps. Specific conditions related to the lab or the doctoral program are not mentioned.

Arrival of the candidate on campus: the candidate presents himself/herself to the administrative assistant of the doctoral program to sign the enrolment form.

The candidate submits a list to the administrative assistant of the doctoral program of his/her chosen courses towards meeting the requirement of the credits to be obtained during the first year, taking account of eventual specific conditions set by the doctoral program.

The candidate will be admitted to continue the doctoral studies after having fulfilled the conditions here below:

  • appointment of the thesis director
  • drawing-up of the research plan approved by the thesis director and ratified by the program director
  • obtaining of the required credits for the first year
  • passing of the candidacy examination
  • fulfilment of specific conditions fixed by the doctoral program if applicable

In case of failure: an extension is possible for a second attempt, under the condition that the candiday exam is passed within 15 months from enrollment

  • 7 weeks min. before the oral exam: the thesis jury proposal, duly signed by the doctoral student, the thesis director(s) and the doctoral program director must arrive at the Doctoral Students’ Office
  • 35 days min. before the oral exam (= 5 weeks of 7 days, saturday and sunday inclued) before noon, the doctoral student uploads the draft of the thesis, fulfils abstract and keywords for infoscience

The invoice for adminstration fee is to be paid by the doctoral student 10 days before the oral exam at the latest

The doctoral student reads, corrects the data if necessary, and returns the document duly signed by himself/herself and his/her thesis director(s) to the doctoral students’ Office as soon as possible after the oral exam.

  • The doctoral student uploads the final thesis via his/her IS-Academia portal
  • The thesis director accepts the final thesis via his/her IS-Academia portal

The doctoral candidate defends his thesis in a public defense presided over by the thesis director. The public defense must take place at least four weeks and no more than six months after the oral thesis examination is passed without reserve.

As soon as the date is known, the doctoral student books a room and informs the Doctoral Students’ Office by email of the date, the room and the starting time of the public defense, at least 2 weeks before.

Once the release form has been signed at the Repro, the doctoral student collects his/her doctoral diploma from the doctoral students’ Office, during the week prior to the public defense.