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Ce tableau indique les cours organisés prochainement par le Programme Doctoral en Photonique. Pour les cours organisés par d’autres programmes doctoraux ou pour les cours de master, veuillez vous référer au site web du programme correspondant ou à celui de la section. Mis à jour le 26 juin 2018, S.E. & O.

Veuillez noter que les inscriptions aux cours Master ne sont possibles que jusqu’au
28 septembre 2018.




Course name
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      Doctoral program courses EDPO


3D Printing with light  ( MICRO-722 C. Moser & D. Psaltis) 1 ECTS (Last time spring 2018)          
Light sources: optical fiber and waveguide lasers (ENG-601(2) Limberber) 2 ECTS (Every 2 years, next time Fall 2019 to be confirmed) Nov.
Modern Photovoltaic Technologies (PHYS-609, F. Nueesch) 2 ECTS (Every year, next time 25-29.06, 2018)       June
Nanophotonics and plasmonics  (PHYS-602 O. Martin) 3 ECTS
(Next time spring 2020 – to be confirmed)
Nonlinear fibre optics (PHYS-607, L. Thévenaz) 2 ECTS  
(Every 2 years, next time November 2018)
Nonlinear optics (PHYS-608, S. Roke)2 ECTS
(Every 2 years, next time Spring 2019 to be confirmed)
Nonlinear Spectroscopy (PHYS-610, S. Roke) 3 ECTS
(Every 2 years, next time Spring 2020 to be confirmed)
        1/2 years
Optical fibers and fiber devices (ENG-602, Limberger) 2 ECTS (Every 2 years, next time fall 2018)          1/2 years
Optics and technology of liquid crystal displays (PHYS-611, Scharf) 3 ETCS (Every 2 years, next time Spring 2020 to be confirmed)   12-16 Feb      
Photonics crystals (PHYS-605, Houdré) 3 ECTS
(Every 3 years, next time Spring 2020 to be confirmed)
Semiconductor photonics and quantum structures (PHYS-635, Grandjean) 2 ECTS (Next time spring 2019)          
   Other doctoral program courses
Advanced biomedical imaging methods and instrumentation (PHYS-719, Gruetter) 4 ECTS          
Advanced experimental methods in condensed matter and nanophysics (PHYS-630, Kern) 2 ECTS          
Fundamentals of superresolution optical microscopy and Scanning Probe Microscopy (PHYS-631, Sekatski) 2 ECTS      Spring
Magnetic and semiconducting nanostructures (PHYS-627, Butté, Grandjean, Rusponi)     Spring
MINTT: Management of Innovation (MGT-620, Ataman, Herzig) 2 ECTS          
Optical MEMS and micro-optics (MICRO-605, Ataman, Herzig)
Principles and Practicals in X-Ray Scattering (PHYS-622, Chapuis, Pattison, Schenk, etc) 4 ECTS          
Quantum Information Theory and Computation (COM-611, Macris) 4 ECTS          
Ultrafast phenomena (PHYS-724, Chergui) 4 ECTS          
Using Mathematica to analyse and model experimental data (PHYS-625(a), Stadelmann) 2 ECTS       June 25-29  
      Master’s Courses (registration until 28.09.2018 latest)
Biomicroscopy I (BIOENG-561, Altug) 3 ECTS          
Biomicroscopy II (MICRO-562, Seitz) 4 ECTS          
Electronics spectroscopy (CH-444, Chergui) 3 ECTS          
Fundamentals of biomedical imaging (PHYS-438, Gruetter),
Integrated optics (MICRO-522, Limberger) 3 ECTS          
Laser : theory and modern applications (MICRO-422, Kippenberg, Moser) 4 ECTS          
Organic semiconductors (MSE-478, Nüesch) 3 ECTS          
Optical waves propagation (MICRO-567, Psaltis) 3 ECTS          
Photochemistry II (CH-443, Moser) 2 ECTS          
Quantum optics and quantum information (PHYS-454) 4 ECTS Dupertuis          
Photomedicine (CH-448) 2 ECTS Wagnières          
Selected topics in advanced optics (MICRO-420, Martin) 3 ECTS