EDOC Exchange Doctoral Students

  • The exchange doctoral student has been invited by an EPFL Professor or MER.
  • He/she is registered as a doctoral student at another university in Switzerland or elsewhere.
  • His/her stay at the EPFL is of a minimum three months.
  • His/her mission and objective is an active participation in EPFL’s research and/or doctoral training by working in a lab, attending courses, etc.
  • He/she is affiliated to an EPFL doctoral program.
  • He/she is accredited by an EPFL research lab.
  • He/she agrees to follow the EPFL general rules, code of honour and the ethical guidelines in research.
  • The exchange doctoral student receives a camipro card and the advantages available to an EPFL doctoral student (access on the site, doctoral student restaurant prices, library, photocopies, etc. – see camipro.epfl.ch for further information).
  • He/She has access to the EPFL Housing office database.
  • He/she is integrated into a doctoral program and receives the communication sent to all the program’s doctoral student. He/she can thus participate in the life of the program.
  • He/She can register for EPFL courses without paying a tuition fee.
  • He/She is invited to evaluate the courses he/she attended.
  • A credits register is available via his/her IS-Academia Portal (https://isa.epfl.ch/imoniteur_ISAP/PORTAL5S.htm)
  • The professor or MER who hosts the exchange doctoral student is recognized for this work on IS-Academia. The additional charge may then be included in the recognition of his/her teaching load.
  • The exchange doctoral student is accredited first by the lab secretary who transmits the relevant details to Camipro as usual. The first camipro card the student receives will thus be in the “other” or “stagiaire” status.
  • In agreement with the relevant professor or MER, the lab secretary informs the doctoral program of the arrival of the exchange doctoral student.
  • With the help of the doctoral program’s administrative assistant and the lab secretary, the exchange doctoral student completes the “Exchange doctoral student” form.
  • The doctoral program’s administrative assistant forwards the form, now signed by the relevant professor/MER, the program director and the exchange doctoral student, to the SAC Doctoral Students’ Office.
  • The SAC Doctoral Students’ Office registers the exchange doctoral student on IS-Academia and advises the doctoral program.
  • At this point, the exchange doctoral student can update his/her card at a camipro station (see camipro.epfl.ch) in order to be correctly recognised as an exchange doctoral student.