Visiting Doctoral Students

Coming at EPFL as a visiting doctoral student

Campus EPFL

The visiting doctoral student is invited by an EPFL Professor or a MER for a minimum stay of 3 months.

  • The visiting doctoral student is registered as a doctoral student at another university in Switzerland or elsewhere.
  • He/She actively participates in EPFL’s research, doctoral training, in his/her hosting lab.
  • He/she agrees to follow the EPFL general rules, code of honour and the ethical guidelines in research.
  • The visiting doctoral student is accredited by an EPFL research lab and receives an electronic chip card, that allows him/her to use a variety of functionalities, and to benefit from a number of advantages (see CAMIPRO).
  • He/she is affiliated to an EPFL doctoral program and has the same rights and benefits as other doctoral students of the program; he/she can thus participate in the life of the program.
  • He/She has access to the EPFL Housing office database.
  • He/She can register for EPFL courses without paying a tuition fee.
  • He/She has access to the secure portal IS-Academia to register to EPFL courses and exams and evaluate the courses taken; an official transcript of records will be available via the secure portal IS-Academia.
  • Contact an EPFL  research lab, define a mission and arrange the terms of your visit.
  • The administrative assistant of your hosting lab will be able to help to fulfil administrative formalities and academic duties.
  • Once the stay is confirmed, fill and sign the “Visiting application form”; send it to your hosting lab admin.
  • Take full advantages of your stay at EPFL!

Visiting Application Form For Doctoral Student