Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Anna Barbara Reinhard (association IET)

This prize rewards the best average for the complete Master studies in the electrical and electronical engineering section. Prize awarded by the IET on proposal of the section of Electronic engineering and electronics on the basis of the calculated official average

Amount: CHF 800
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IM (bureau d’ingénieurs Maggia)

 This prize rewards a project of master or scientific publication developing the following: hydropower, tunnels or work below grounds. The candidates are proposed by the Master projects directors: even year in Civil Engineering and odd year in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

Amount: CHF 4’000
IM Regulation
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This prize rewards a project of master of excellent quality significantly contributing to the field of electrical parameter measuring. If there is no candidate or if the conditions are not met, the prize is awarded to the one who has the best average mark in the Master Cycle and in the project of master.

A student cannot apply for more than two prizes that are decided on by jury. He or she must send to Electrical and Electronic Engineering Section Secretariat, in electronic format:

  1. An application letter, counter-signed by the Master project director who will certify that the Master project work corresponds to the nature and rules of the prize.
  2. A .pdf copy of the Master project
  3. As soon as the oral exam is over, the Master project director must hand a report on the project (one page maximum) mentioning the mark obtained at the exam.
  4. the application declaration to 2 prizes maximum

Amount: CHF 2’000
LEM Regulation

Gilbert Hausmann

The award has been created upon request of Mr Gilbert Hausmann on 14 August 2012 and rewards two graduates, one having completed an EPFL project of Master and one PhD student having completed an EPFL PhD thesis in the field of mechanical engineering, electricity or physics. The three prize-winning projects should stand out through their excellence, particularly in terms of originality and the prospects, which they open.

Regarding the application for the prize by a PhD student, the thesis supervisor submits to the Research Office, within the agreed deadline, a copy of the thesis dissertation, the author’s CV, the list of publications, the most significant publications and a recommendation letter by the thesis supervisor (see webpage)

Amount : CHF 5’000 for each Master laureate – CHF 10’000 for the PhD laureate
Gilbert Hausmann Regulation

Hilti mécatronique

This prize rewards a project of master or scientific publication, which is outstanding by its creativity, innovation or originality in the field of mechatronics (sensors, actuators, control or movement) where the practical application is emphasized. Sections which are not concerned are not excluded.

Amount: CHF 2’500
Hilti Regulation