We are looking for partners who share our vision of practical training, and who would be interested in getting involved with us in the ongoing teaching reform.  

Main partners

In Switzerland, knowledge is a key resource, and teaching lies at the foundation of knowledge. At EPFL, it is our mission to train tomorrow’s top scientists and engineers. The ongoing teaching reform is our answer to increasingly fierce international competition. To meet its full potential, the development of this effort requires setting up large facilities that cannot be financed through internal means alone.

Official providers

Our relationship with our official providers goes well beyond a standard client – provider relationship, involving the development and support of infrastructure to offer students access to cutting-edge equipment. Partners participate in the development of teaching material to maximize its educational value and to establish bridges to the professional world.


Project partners

The interdisciplinary projects that we propose to our students are representative of the challenges that they will be confronted with in their professional lives. Businesses that would like to work with our students in fields that are important to them are welcome to join us. By providing support to our teaching activities, they play a key role in bringing together academia and the economy, facilitating the integration of the students into the professional world.