To better address the needs of the entire EPFL community, working groups have been defined to represent the various institutes. Each group has drafted a coherent project, which augments currently available facilities for practical sessions by creating new inter-disciplinary synergies.

The bottom-up approach adopted throughout the project gives priority to the teaching needs of each institute to meet its specific challenges. These needs should be met in a way that offers new, innovate prospects, while promoting interdisciplinary, project-based work, and the development of prototypes.

On the page outlining each subproject, the level of advancement is illustrated using the infographic shown below.


Program – Defining the Content

A program has been defined for each selected project, a description of which has been sent out for validation by the respective institute and people involved. A detailed list of the equipment and the program can be found on the Discovery Learning Laboratory pages.  

Location – Finding a Location

Based on each the program, an estimate of the space needed to host the facilities has been presented, along with implantation scenarios. Working in close partnership with the deanship of each faculty, as well as with the DII, proposals for the implementation have been made and validated by the presidency.

Equipment – Setup

 The facilities are up and running and are ready to be used for teaching activities.

Updates and maintenance – Renewing the Equipment

The facilities are up and running but are scheduled to be updated.