The Discovery Learning Program builds on and expands existing structures that promote practical teaching initiatives, in order to provide a comprehensive platform whose individual parts have to function coherently as a whole. 

Interdisciplinary Facilities

Setting up interdisciplinary projects requires setting up versatile facilities. Intended for students, these will include prototyping facilities and project areas, with adequate supervision.

Depending on the specific needs they encounter while working on their projects, students will be able to turn to the Discovery Learning Laboratories (DLL), to research laboratories, and to competence centers.

Support for Degree Courses

The Discovery Learning Laboratories (DLL), are dedicated and thematic teaching facilities for practical lab sessions. They are particularly adapted for teaching to large groups of students, generally at the undergraduate level.

The facilities and their staff also provide field-specific support to student projects.

Laboratories and Competence Centers

Laboratories and competence centers are equipped with highly specialized equipment that is used principally by researchers carrying out their projects. For advanced teaching labs, smaller groups of Master’s students may be given access to these facilities, under supervision of the staff.