Photo d'étudiants de l'EPFL

Promoting cross-disciplinary dialogue

The increasing complexity of the challenges that students will be confronted with in their professional careers call for closer ties between educational disciplines. By pooling resources and building shared teaching facilities, it becomes possible to offer practical sessions that offer a certain degree of continuity and contribute to fostering a foundation for a dialogue between students with different backgrounds.

By giving students access to a catalogue of interdisciplinary projects, they will be able to get a first glimpse, and a valuable learning experience, into some of the challenges they will face in their professional lives.

Educational support across disciplines

Practical sessions are an essential part of a scientist’s training, and an educational pillar at EPFL. By exposing students to the concrete aspects of their fields of study, they illustrate and reinforce theoretical concepts.

Facilities have to be adapted to allow for individualized high-quality instruction, in keeping with the latest developments, for an ever-increasing number of students. These platforms offer unprecedented educational possibilities to professors.

Fostering closer ties between students and employers

Closer ties to the economic world that give students a chance to interact with their future employers on concrete projects that are proposed by the industry will also be welcomed in due time.


Pascal Vuilliomenet

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