How to partipate


Do you need advice on how to use specific equipment for one of your projects, or are you having troubling accessing it? Do not hesitate to contact the staff of the Discovery Learning Laboratory.

Are you interested in participating in an interdisciplinary project? Have a look at the list of available projects and contact the project leader. 


Would you like to know what equipment is available in the Discover Learning Laboratories? Check the information page of the respective DLL.

Would you like to propose new practical sessions that require the support of a Discovery Learning Laboratory? Contact the head of the DLL.

Would you like to propose a new interdisciplinary project to the School ? Contact us.


Would you like to participate in training future engineers by becoming a partner of this project? Not only will you be giving them an opportunity to work on topics in your field, it will also help you identify students that are interested in your activities. If so, contact us.


Pascal Vuilliomenet

[email protected]