Online ressources and MOOCs

RessourceDLL fieldLink
3D printing by FDMDLL MaterialCapsule MOOC
3D printing by DLPDLL MaterialCapsule MOOC
SolderingDLL TechnicalCapsule MOOC
Gantt DiagramDLL Project management Capsule MOOC
Photopolymerisation- How to measure internal constraints?DLL MaterialCapsule MOOC
Resin Transfer Molding – How fast to transfer tresin in a textil fabric?DLL MaterialCapsule MOOC
Mecanical-rupture – How much energy a crack propagate?DLL MaterialCapsule MOOC
Mecanical- bending- What is the rigidity of a sandwich ?DLL MaterialCapsule MOOC
Cellular culture- How to manipulate cells in a P1 safety level laboratory?DLL BiologyCapsule MOOC
Synthesis and deformation of hydrogelsDLL Biology – MaterialCapsule MOOC
Verrerie Part1, Pipeting and dilutionDLL ChemistryCapsule MOOC
Verrerie Part2, Burette and titratingDLL ChemistryCapsule MOOC
Quantitive transvasingDLL ChemistryCapsule MOOC
Rotative evaporaorDLL ChemistryCapsule MOOC
Balance and analytical weightingDLL ChemistryCapsule MOOC
Nano-indentationDLL Equipment Capsule MOOC
Treating data with excelDLL ChemistryCapsule MOOC
Using ChemdrawDLL ChemistryCapsule MOOC
MAKE initiative of what the MAKE initiative is aiming for
MAKE projects of the different MAKE projects, official EPFL web page presenting the portfolio of projects and the objectives of these projects.
MAKE submission form to propose a new MAKE project or to continue to receive support from the MAKE committee
Resources for studentsRessources pour les étudiants ‒ Initiatives pédagogiques ‐ EPFLUseful moocs for MAKER students on different thematics, from 3D printing to soldering electronic components on a Printed Circuit Board (PCB)
Introduction video is a MAKE project and the potential stackholders involved? What are the different roles of coordination each MAKE project must consider?
Project management paradox videoIntroduction ( few warnings to consider early in your project
Association management[email protected]Support for legal questions related to managing an association
Slack invitation Join the slack channel of the MAKE community and ask your questions there to other projects and supervisors
The prototyping network video are the prototyping resources available at EPFL? From the idea to the very complex parts to manufacture
The safety trainings to do the safety-trainings to access rooms and equipment
The prototyping network webpage Informations on almost all the workshops, the prototyping coaches etc..
The DLLs Even though the DLLs are more adapted to TP (travaux pratique) then are sometimes used by projects. For example, Genorobotics or the EPFL spacecraft team are both project using the photonic setup of the DLL engineering. The racing team and swiss solar boat are using the electric power room of the DLL engineering. iGEM Sensus and Genorobitcs are using the bio lab of the DLL bio-engineering
Safety training procedure
Slides presenting the network 
Interesting youtube channel of a MAKER presenting different manufacturing technologies and tools and building prototypes that are very interesting
Interesting youtube channel of a MAKER Rober, former NASA engineer and now MAKER
IT remote resources video to access specific softwares for your project?
An example of 3d printing  3D printing after CAD design
What is machining? Machining a part after CAD design
What is a PCB? After Altium Designer, what is happening?
Every info about Ansys 
EULA EPFL To validate the conditions of use of specific software

Access the remote desktops 
Legal framework Presentation video
Contract templates Different contract templates for your project
Technology transfer office you need help to adapt a contract template with the legal team, please make sure you have seen first with your coordinator and with the MAKE coordinator (julien Delisle)
EventsOrganiser un événement ‒ Services et ressources ‐ EPFLGuidelines when organising an event
MAKE communication manager[email protected]to relay and maximise the visibility of your results
Logo and corporate image of EPFLIdentité ‒ Présentation ‐ EPFLIt ‘s ok if you do not use the official font of EPFL (suisse intl)
Communication guidelines
Philanthropy EPFL team Advice to raise funds in your project
EPFL service responsable of insurance need help with contracting a specific insurance
insurance students must have at EPFL insurance covering basic accident every student should have when registering to EPFL
Traveling program Program helping MAKE students when they travel in the framework of their project
Intellectual property about Intellectual property at EPFL
Group EPFLhttps://groups.epfl.chCreating groups of emails, can be useful to manage autorisation on a shared Drive, send email to a group of people with a single email
guest EPFLhttps://guests.epfl.chCreating an account for people outside EPFL to be added in
Support EPFLhttps://support.epfl.chForms for demands about many subjects within EPFL
Doodlehttps://epfl.doodle.comDoodle, finding time dolts for meeting
Truffehttps://truffe2.agepoly.chRent material from Agepoly for EPFL associations
Scitas clusters for simulation requiring strong computation