Molecular DLL

The Molecular DLL hosts practical sessions in chemistry and should, in the future, also host facilities for biochemistry and molecular biology.

The Molecular DLL is unique on campus in that it hosts wetlabs that students can use to acquire skills molecular laboratory techniques, including methods to analyze inert biological materials and substances, and to synthesize molecules, macromolecules, and polymers. It also includes laboratories for the characterization of a material’s chemical and physical properties. This DLL will further strengthen the interdisciplinary teaching labs by being open to students in environmental and materials sciences, as well as chemistry and life sciences.

The current facilities will be revisited, due to the fact that the building they are currently hosted in will be renovated and reallocated. This presents an opportunity for the offer to be completed.



Jean-Luc Marendaz

[email protected]



Liste des travaux pratiques (French only)

Liste des modules (French only)