CSAW Previous editions

The pilot edition of CSAW took place in February 2021, followed in September 2021 by the first official face-to-face edition.

September 2021 edition


This map shows the project imagined during the week, as well as how they could collaborate to improve their impact.

Design: Agathe Loret / Think’n Link.

All project videos are available on our SwitchTube channel.

Participants of the 2021 edition loved it!

“Please keep CSAW running. I have never attended an event as welcoming, as positive and as well thought out as this.”

“It was really great !! I loved the atmosphere and the week gave me energy to take action in the coming years.”

“I like how everyone is committed, we need more of this in the world and more CSAW in the universities..”

“Thank you, I loved CSAW !!!”

“All in all an awesome week! I loved it and hope we all can stay partially in contact! I would be down for any similar idea in the future or maybe staffing in the next CSAW!”

“I went home happy everyday thinking about everything I was learning from sustainability to the big thing that is teamwork.”

100 % of the participants found the program interesting, and learned something.

96 % considered that they know how to identify and describe a wicked problem.

86 % considered that they understand better how to use their professional skills to act for sustainability.

Pilot edition: February 2021



7 ideas to promote circular economy and mitigate climate change

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In February 2021, around 30 students took part in the pilot version of EPFL’s Climate and Sustainability Action Week, working in cross-disciplinary groups to outline circular economy solutions. It was an intense five days of teamwork to build a brighter future.

One poster to discover the results of the CSAW pilot edition.

All talks replays are available on our SwitchTube channel.

Participants loved it!

“I really want to thank you for this great event. I am very inspired by it, and I really feel better about the crisis we are facing : seeing that you are not alone, that many people share your fears and can bring you many ideas and much hope, it really feels good.”

“It was amazing, I was incredibly impressed with how engaging this (…) event was, how many amazing projects came out of it, and the overall motivation of everyone, organizers and participants alike.”

“Thanks again, this is some pure gold for student that call for techniques to get more ideas !”

94 % considered that this programme helped them understand the advantage of an interdisciplinary approach to solving scientific and technical problems.

91 % considered that the skills and competences they developed are useful for their professional future.

90 % considered that the group work sessions were satisfactory, and 100 % considered that there were enough supports to help their team function well.

They evaluated that the learning objectives were met between 72 and 97%