Mobile Robotics and artificial intelligence

How does a machine learn? How can a robot sense its environment? How can it process information? How can it localise itself and navigate autonomously ?

EPFL offers a summerschool in collaboration with two high-schools, Gymnasium Neufeld and Gymnasium Kirchenfeld in Bern.

Summer school for high school students, July 8-11 2019

During the 4 days of the summer school, the participants will explore the foundations of mobile robotics, while working on a Thymio-robot. Alternating theory sessions and practicals, Prof. F. Mondada and Dr A. Dame will address topics like sensors, motion, control, local navigation or neural networks.

Detailed program (2018)

 Tyhmio en piste Thymio

Programming skills: you need to have done some programming before (any language).The language of the course is English
The participation to the summerschool is free. The participants have to pay for their living expenses (housing and food)
Beds are pre-reserved at Jeunôtel (the Youthhostel in Lausanne) until May 31
Location: EPFL
The summerschool starts at 09:00 in the morning and finishes at 17:00 in the afternoon


Motivated high school students are welcome to apply.
Registration to the summer school
Confirmation of participation will be sent by the end of April.


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