EPFL students get two new media channels

Being an EPFL student is an exciting adventure rife with opportunity. It comes with its fair share of ups and downs, achievements and frustrations, and surprises good and bad. You have so many stories worth telling! To help you, EPFL and ArtePoly have created two new media channels – a magazine, SUPERBOOM, and a student-voice website – where you can share content about day-to-day life both on and off campus.

The magazine contains movie, music, and book reviews, announcements of upcoming events, and articles on offbeat topics. It explores EPFL student life from a societal and cultural standpoint.

The student-voice website (name to be defined) will promote science and engineering in all their forms, provide a behind-the-scenes look at EPFL, give tips on studies and housing, suggest fun activities, and take a humorous look at the (extra)ordinary student experience at EPFL – all within the framework of the School’s three core missions: education, research and innovation.

Both of these new media channels will be geared towards students and feature their contributions. Content will be shared between the two channels.

The student-voice website will be managed by a six-person editorial committee, all highly motivated EPFL students, and will operate alongside EPFL’s official website. It will provide a user-friendly platform for publishing profiles, interviews, special reports, feature articles, videos and podcasts about life at EPFL and our School’s core missions of education, research and innovation. All types of content will be encouraged – funny, satirical, offbeat and creative – provided that it complies with our editorial guidelines.

The editorial committee will run the website along with EPFL’s Associate Vice Presidency for Student Affairs and Outreach (AVP-SAO). The editors will provide website content (text, videos and podcasts), select the topics to be covered, handle issues related to producing and publishing content, and select which contributions from other students to post. All contributions must be in French, Italian, German or English. Members of the editorial committee and other contributors will be paid at the student assistant rate.

If you would like to take part in this initiative and join the website’s editorial committee (for a minimum of one semester), send your motivation to us at: [email protected]



The ArtePoly magazine, called SUPERBOOM, is an A5 size printed magazine distributed on the Lausanne campus starting fall 2021. It contains personal profiles, interviews, special reports and feature articles as well as illustrations and cartoons – all written and drawn by students. Superboom is intended to serve as a forum for students to share their interests in movies, music, books, pop culture and culture in general, or to take a lighthearted or even edgy look at day-to-day life on the EPFL campus.

SUPERBOOM is managed by a group of six editors, each one in charge of managing and selecting content for a specific section.

The magazine is issued monthly and distributed free of charge. However, so that we can recycle used copies, you can return the magazine to collect points on campus.

If you would like to contribute, or if you think the magazine is a great idea and would like to join the team of lead editors, send your content, ideas and motivation, to us at: [email protected].