Why choose EPFL?

EPFL is a public institution renowned internationally, a prestigious institute of technology aiming at excellence in research and in education. It is also known for its unique cosmopolitanism.

A stunning campus

The Campus’ quality in terms of infrastructures, comfort and climate, the network of collaborations established nationally and internationally, the economic stability of Switzerland are all elements explaining the fact that many renowned professors and researchers as well as motivated students choose to join EPFL.

On a daily basis, EPFL aims at offering its students the environment that will allow them to take the first steps of a promising career in the fields of Basic Sciences, Engineering or Architecture.



5 fundamental questions from prospective Bsc students:

Am I only going to sit in lectures ? No! Students are part of EPFL’s research and innovation forces. They are integrated in labs projects where they sometimes receive very serious responsibilities. However, during the first 2 years of the Bachelor’s program, a majority of the time is spent on lectures, a preparation for the future hands-on research tasks.

– Do girls also study at EPFL? Yes, thankfully! Their proportion varies from a program to another; it currently reaches in average 27% of EPFL’s students, which is a percentage that we still would like to increase. There is for example an important demand from the work market for women in engineering: ladies, don’t miss your chance!

Can I accomplish part of my studies abroad? Yes! EPFL is a strong supporter of this approach. Opportunities are offered across continents. You will have the possibility to study abroad during the Bachelor’s third year and/or go abroad for your Master’s thesis.

What about career prospects ? An EPFL Diploma, Master’s or PhD degree, represents a guarantee of recognition on the work market in Switzerland and abroad. In all fields, prospects are numerous, in Academia and in industry. You will find more specific details about prospects on each program description.

– Studying at EPFL, what does it cost? EPFL being a public institution, tuition fees remain relatively low. Students are currently charged CHF 633.- per semester, meaning CHF 1266.- per year. This fee is the same for all admitted students, independently from their country of origin. Read more about financing studies and about living costs in Lausanne.