Car parks

White spaces for visitors

White spaces are available to all. They are managed using parking meters.

Prices are as follow:

  • CHF 1.- for the first hour
  • CHF 2.- for the following hours

A parking authorization is necessary on week days, from 7am to 5 pm. Outside these hours, parking on white spaces is free.

Find out all white spaces (shown as a “P” or as a parking meter icon) on the Lausanne campus map.

Other parking spots

Quartier Nord

Located under the SwissTech Convention Centre, the car park is available to all visitors to the Quartier Nord (EPFL Lausanne).

Green spaces

Places reserved for EPFL employees, Innovation Park companies and permanent service providers.

Yellow spaces

Private paying places, reserved for EPFL employees and permanent service providers.


Parking desk

Monday-Friday: 7h30-12h00

Room CO 051

Parking issues: [email protected]

Camipro payment issues: [email protected]