In line with its transport policy, which respects the principles of sustainable development, EPFL strongly encourages you to give priority to public transport.

Car sharing

For distances of less than 150 km in Switzerland, the use of Mobility is recommended. You can find more information on this subject on the Sustainable Campus page.

Car rental

  • You can contact the EPFL travel agency for car reservations in Switzerland or abroad.
  • Europcar is recommended for rentals in Switzerland and in Europe.
  • Additional insurance (liability, damage and theft) must be taken out for rentals made abroad.

Europcar conditions for private use for EPFL employees

You will find, on this knowledge article, the information needed to benefit from advantageous conditions when you rent a car with Europcar.
Students can purchase the Funway card to rent vehicles at a reduced price. For more information, please visit:

Use of private cars

If an employee is obliged to use a private vehicle, he/she shall be entitled to a kilometric allowance of CHF 0.60 per km to a maximum of 150 km per return journey in accordance with EPFL commitments to sustainable development.

The price per km incorporates fuel prices, maintenance, insurance and depreciation. Any employee using his/her private vehicle is thus considered fully responsible for all risks relating to this usage. EPFL recommends that employees prioritise the use of a rental vehicle over their own vehicle in or-der to benefit from the insurance coverage for rental vehicles (maximum cover for risks).

For persons with reduced mobility, a disability sticker, or medical certificate, the use of a private vehicle is authorized and is subject to annual or temporary approval by the Head of Unit.


Taxis can be used if public transport is not suitable (late arrival time, complicated itinerary, large or fragile luggage).

Exceptionally, taxi fares from home to the nearest station or airport may be reimbursed.

Do not forget to ask for a receipt to justify your expense.


Public transport is reimbursed on presentation of supporting documents. For bus or metro tickets, a daily flat rate may be granted if it is not possible to present a receipt.

Expenses incurred for the use of a private vehicle for business travel will only be compensated if:

  • The use of this means of transport saves time or money.
  • Bulky or fragile equipment must be transported.
  • There is no “acceptable” possibility to use public transport.
  • Other means of transport, such as car rental, is not available.

Parking charges

  • Cheapest car parks are recommended.
  • Valet parking services are not refunded.
  • In Swiss train stations: “Park & Rail” parking fees with discount only are refunded.



The EPFL travel agency is at your disposal to organize your business trips. Specialized in business travel, its agents are present on the campus. Buy plane tickets, travel formalities, accommodation, and car rental: do not hesitate to consult them. They will be happy to answer your questions and help you plan your stay.

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