Leaves for specific events

Rules and Regulations

Legal basis


List of specific events leaves

Paid leaves



Family Events




Marriage :
a) His own marriage (civil marriage)
b) From a family member

6 days
1 day







Motherhood :
a) Employees have full-time compensation

Pour les couples dont la mère et le père travaillent dans le domaine du CEPF voir les dispositions sous “Congé maternité”.
Les congés maternités sur fonds tiers peuvent être financés par les Ressources Humaines. Prière de le signaler aux responsables de personnel de votre faculté.
b) Paternity leave

4 months





10 days







Cares :
Provided to a sick person in his home if there is no alternatives 

5 days per civil year







Scholar business :
Must be important / medical examinations concerning childs under 16, if the employee raise them


5 days per civil year







Death :
a) Of a family member in his own household 

b) Of a family member or a parent outside the household


c) Pour assister aux obsèques d’un proche ou
d’un collègue de travail

5 days


1 to 3 days, depending of the circumstances


1/2 day max







His own relocation

1 day per civil year







Youth and sport classes for disabled people

5 day per civil year







Military requirements

Time required, in accordance with working order







Firefighter exercices

Time required







Union meetings

 3 day per civil year







Staff association

30 days max in accordance with social partners







Political activities

15 days per civil year

Leave related to family events in particular must be taken at close range to the specific event.

Paid leave is granted in proportion to the employee’s scale of occupation. The additional days for specific events are not added to the holiday balance and are lost if not used.

To register an absence for a specific event, select the absence reason “specific events (HR)” and then indicate witch kind of event is concerned.

No paid leave is granted for the settlement of private matters.