Bank holidays

Working days per canton

Swiss cantons have different bank holidays. Since EPFL has branches in several Swiss cantons, bank holidays management had to be adapted. The result is that every staff member might have different bank holidays, depending of her/his contractual workplace.

As for all other contractual data, contractual workplace is defined in the SAP/HR system, and updated in the absences management system on a daily basis. The official canton of work is shown under the contractual data of the employee in the “balance and holiday entitlement” menu as well as the “Profiles” page.

To see the bank holiday list applicable to a person, go to “Absences and presences” page under the line called “Public holidays“.

What about a bank holiday during a day off ?

Bank holidays which occur during a week day off are compensated, in the following manner :

  • The basis of calculation is : 41 hours of work on a full-time basis
  • When there is one day of bank holiday during a given week, a full-time employee will be required to work 32:48 hours instead of 41 hours (41:00 – 08:12)
  • For part-time employees, the system will automatically calculate the applicable compensation on the basis of the usual presence set in the system, in credit or in debit. If the person does not usually work on the week day when the holiday occur, the system will credit the number of hours in proportion to the contractual work rate. Similarly, if the person usually works a full day on the week day when the holiday occurs, the system will debit the difference between a full day and a day in proportion to the contractual work rate
  • Hours that should be worked by a part time employee during a week containing one day of bank holiday are detailed in the table below:


Holidays, sickness, accidents, military service and maternity leave

Holidays : when a bank holiday occurs during a holiday period, there will be an automatic compensation as long as the bank holiday doesn’t take place on a Saturday or a Sunday

Sickness, accidents and military service : there is no compensation when the bank holidays occurs during an absence for sickness, accident, military service and maternity leave