Tests and recommendations

Different language tests are organised by the Language Centre.

From your first year at EPFL, you will gradually follow certain courses in English; from the master’s level onwards, many courses are given in English.

According to the Council of Europe’s reference levels, the C1 level in English is generally considered necessary to ensure your academic success.

To enable you to check your language skills, EPFL asks you to take an assessment of your English level at the Language Centre during this autumn semester. This assessment is mandatory for all first year Bachelor students.

Depending on your results, courses adapted to your needs will be offered to you in order to reach the level required for the rest of your studies.

Your English profile: some post-assessment advice

♦ If your profile is largely below C1, it is essential you improve your language skills as soon as possible in order to be able to follow courses in English and to avoid compromising your future academic success.

The Language Centre provides the opportunity to enrol on an integrated skills module during the semester or on an intensive course during the intersemestrial period.

♦ If your profile is largely C1 or above, you may wish to concentrate on a specific language skill, thus increasing your ability to perform effectively in an academic context.

Depending on your needs, interest, objectives and current language profile, you may wish to opt for another type of courses:

Development of specific skills:

Preparation for an external exam:

The language tests for German, English (except for USA and Canada), Spanish, Italian and Portuguese are for all students selected for an exchange outside the USA or Canada.

The written tests take place in the Multimedia Centre (EMA) of the Language Centre and registration is done via IS-Academia.

The level is assessed using Dialang, a progressive test with several steps.

Students receive an attestation mentioning the results obtained as well as a confirmation by email.

For more information, see the page Study Abroad.

These English written and oral tests are for all students selected for an exchange to the USA or Canada.

All selected students must take the test. The test consists of a 3-hour written section and a 15-minute oral section.

This test is selective, as the partner universities require level C1 in English.

The oral tests take place at the Language Centre and the written tests take place in an EPFL auditorium (which will be provided in due course).

Students receive an attestation in French and English mentioning the results obtained.

For more information, see the page Study Abroad.