The management of revisions is a WordPress functionality that allows you to revert to an older version of a page or post that has been modified…

Revisions only work with pages or posts that have been published.

Displaying the revisions

There are 2 ways of doing this:

  • In the Publish box, click on the Browse link next to Revisions.


  1. Display the options Document
  2. Click on revisions
  3. Choose a version to revert to

Comparing revisions

  • Click on the buttons Previous and/or Next


  • Click and drag the cursor on the horizontal bar at the top

Restoring a version

  • After having chosen a version to revert to (make sure it is the one on the left), click on the Restore this version button.

Return to editor

  • When you are done with looking at older versions, click the Return to editor button to get back to editing