Adding publications

General information

Managing your publications with Infoscience is strongly recommended by EPFL management.
It is easy to retrieve a list of publications from Infoscience and automatically display it on this tab.
But it is also possible to add publication one by one, or by editing a free box

Extracting publications from Infoscience

By clicking on the ‘new Infoscience extraction’, you have 3 fields to fill in.

  • Whether these publications are visible
  • What is the title of the dialogue box
  • The web address (url) provided by infoscience for your publications.

You get the URL by clicking on the icon ‘ Icon 'extract publication' Integrate these publications into my website ‘, which is available by making a query on
More information on ‘infoscience’ documentation page.

Managing one’s own list of publications

You can add / suppress / hide / display / sort your own list of publications by clicking on the Icon ‘edit the dialogue box’. The editing interface allows you to:

  • Provide a name for this dialogue box, for instance ‘selected publications’
  • Select, add, suppress or modify the publications (see the meaning of the icons on the right)
  • Add a new publication by filling in the fields at the bottom of the page.

How to add attachments to this page (images, .pdf)?

It is impossible to add these attachments (images, photos) on the people application. You must first upload your documents onto a public web server (folder www at or on the website of your unit) then make a link (url) in the content of the dialogue boxes at your disposition.