Add links, images and documents

Additional documents on your pages

The application ‘people’ does not have a documents server. In another words , you can add text to your pages, your own photo but no .pdf, files Word or additional images.

If you like to add publications, those must have to be on another application (Infoscience).

For security issues, it is not possible to add html code in the page (except simple link).

 To make external links in a text, add the corresponding HTML tags.

For example: I worked at <a href=””>MIT</a>  once.  

Those documents must first be hosted to a server web ( > folder www or jahia >    

 file manager/ …).

You can then add HTML link tags in the text corps.

Example of link on a document:  Behold my  <a href=””>presentation</a> during the  competition Moebius 2012.

Be carefull then that this file won’t be erased or moved from it’s original location.