Change phone number, address, function

Edit your contact datas

It is not possible to directly change certain information about yourself, you need to request an accreditation.

For a modification in your administrative data (phone number, title, office, address, account GASPAR …), you can either:

  • ask directly to your accreditation.
  • pass through the application of ‘basic prestations‘.
  • via your people page, since the tab ‘Contacts’, click ‘Complete list of addresses and functions’ then to ‘Edit’.

Icône 'modififier'

As soon as your requests of modifications will be approved, they will be automatically updated on your people page.

Hide your office location

If you feel threatened, you can hide the location of your office.
Beware though:

  • you will be not searchable on EPFL web (via, pocket campus.)
  • your address will be missing (delivery).

To hide an office, click the Visible icon next to the local.