Who can have a people page?

  No access ‘Contact’ Photo ‘Bio’, ‘publications’  ‘Teaching’  ‘Research’
Auditeurs   x x x    
Students   x x x    
Professors, MER   x x x x x
With teaching activities   x x x x x
‘Personnel’ (Staff, scientist…)   x x x   On demand
Hosts (hôtes)   x x On demand    
Guests (Hors EPFL)   x        
PSE companies   x x      
Garage companies   x x      
Innovation Quarter x          

When a person has several functions, the function that gives the most rights determines which tabs are available.

Delegating the management of one’s profile

You may delegate the modification of your profile to somebody with the following accreditation for your unit: ‘gestion des profils personnels’.
For more information, please contact your school communication service.
A unit (or unit manager) may entrust the management and publishing of its pages to one or more trusted persons. If you want to do, contact your accrediteur.
According to the law on privacy protection (Article 28 of the Swiss Civil Code, SR 210 Art. 28a B), it is not possible to delegate to anyone the right to decide if your photo is visible or not.

Who is your ‘accrediteur’?
Use the address

Asking the permission to edit its own page

If you do not have the permission to change your personal page (‘host’), but you still want to complete it, please ask [email protected].

Lifecycle of a personal page

Your page is online as long as you are officially employee or student at EPFL.

  • For students (not officially working within EPFL): it disappears the day of the expiration of your exmatriculation.
  • For employees or any person having a contract with EPFL: it disappears at the end date of your accreditation, that is to say, two weeks after the actual date of departure.

If you want to shorten this period, it must go through the ”accrediteur” of your unit and ask him to remove the property Publication in the web directory .
The delay does not extend.

Profile visible or not outside EPFL

By selecting ‘This profile is not visible outside EPFL ‘, only the right column (with your photo if available) and ‘contacts’ +’ teachings‘ tabs are available ‘world wide web‘.
Profile not visible

To make full profile visible on the web:

  1. Login
  2. Click ‘Edit profile
  3. Click on the icon ‘visible‘ (top left)

Profile visible

When you're a 'guest'

Academic guests at EPFL get the ‘Contact’ tab, and the possibility to put their photo online.
To enable additional tabs, ask the secretary or the head of the unit, which after validation will forward it to [email protected].