About ‘people’

General information

The people.epfl.ch application allows each student or worker at EPFL to have a professional CV on line, confirming their presence at EPFL.

What is the address (url) of one’s profile?

We have simplified the access to each profile as far as possible. In this way, the version of the URL is made up in the following way:
http://people.epfl.ch/firstname. lastname.
If several people have the same name, their email identities will be used.
Another option consists of using the SCIPER number, as follows: http://people.epfl.ch/no_sciper

Personal page or official page?

The content of a profile is published under the aegis of the school, but its author remains responsible for its content. We did not wish to institute a control and validation system. Before creating a profile, it may prove useful to consult the usage guidelines and to comply with them.

Referencing & search engines

By the syntax of its ‘people.epfl.ch/firstname.lastname’ url, your page often appears at the top of a list on Google search results. This allows you to master your personal data within a recognised professional framework.
The quantityof links in the .epfl.ch domain guarantees the successful referencing of these pages.

Origins and development of the project

Management committee: KIS & Group web
Development: Ion Cionca, KIS
Design: Following web2010 project, the graphics templates for these pages have been developed by the R.O.S.A agency and Aline Kiszio.

Archiving ‘people' pages

When leaving EPFL, your people page is no longer online (information is stored on our servers but is no longer available on the web).
Those who keep an accreditation at the EPFL (honorary professors) also keep their page ‘people’. The ‘responsable communication’ of your school can help you update it.

Delegating the management of one’s profile

You may delegate the modification of your profile to somebody with the following accreditation for your unit ‘gestion des profils personnels’. For more information, please contact your school communnication service.

A unit (or unit manager) may entrust the management and publishing of its “profiles” to one or more trusted persons. If you want to do, contact your accreditor.
And if you ignore the existence, go to your list of accreditors using the address http://accred.epfl.ch/accred/accreds.pl/userinfo?thescip=votre_numero_sciper