Changing information to the right hand column

General information

The information in the right hand column is displayed on all the tabs of your people page, that is:

  • Your photo, followed by a coloured square (EPFL graphics card)
  • Additional information
  • Your list of skills at the EPFL

Add your skills

To make up a skills data base for EPFL members, it is very important that you fill in the red dialogue box in the right hand column of your people page.
You can add key words about your activities at EPFL or your areas of research.
This information when very well referenced allows your professional activities to be better known.
Do not forget to save your additions and modifications after typing in data.

Adding / modifying personal information

You can add some brief pieces of information to your text: your title, the address of a web site which mentions you, your date of birth, your nationality or another telephone or fax number.

Icône 'rendre visible l'information' : the information is on line

Icône 'cache l'information' : the information is hidden

You are of course free to display or hide each of these pieces of information.
Do not forget to save your modifications in this dialogue box.