Changing contacts

General information

The information shown in the central column of the ‘contact’ tab comes from the official EPFL directory (LDAP).
You can sort or prevent certain of your functions from appearing, but you must retain a minimum of one function
Important: This page, though customizable, is under the responsibility of every person, who undertakes to make available key contact information (phone number…).

What to put in the free box under the list of contacts ?

You can add relevant information on the first tab of your page
Add a new box with free content

  • your working hours, or your presence on campus (part-time job)
  • link on social networks

How can you select / hide / show your personal data?

You can decide which of your functions appears in this tab by clicking on  Icon 'make the information visible'  / 'hide the information’ Icon.
You can select the order of appearance of your functions by clicking on the icons Icon go to top / Icon 'go to bottom'

How to change to the display of one’s given names?

Please read this page: