Changing your profile picture

General information

By default, your photo is not visible. You can decide to make it visible to others (available on the internet) or not.

By default, the standard picture comes from your CAMIPRO card. It is of course possible to replace it with a picture of your own choice (size of 160×213 pixels, 72 dpi).

How can you manage your photo’s visibility ?

You should provide:

  • An explicit authorisation to publish your photo on EPFL Web (directory, people, galleries of portraits)
  • According to the law on privacy protection (Article 28 of the Swiss Civil Code, SR 210 Art. 28a B), it is not possible to delegate to anyone the right to decide if your photo is visible or not.

A photo with the Icon 'information visible icon is visible on the EPFL internet, and consequently available on the Web.

Icon 'information is visible' : photo is on line
Icon 'information is not visible' : photo is hidden

How to reframe an existing picture ?

By clicking on your photo Icon 'edit', you can reframe it in accordance with the EPFL graphics chart.

How can you replace your picture ?

By clicking on ‘browse’, you can replace your CAMIPRO photo by another image on your computer.
You can reframe this image by clicking on Icon 'edit'.

What image type, size or format can I use?

If you wish to use a picture from your personal collection, avoid downloading an image which requires too much memory (in any way, the system does not accept images heavier than 500kb).

The recommended formats are .JPG and .PGN in RGB, in 72 dpi.

If you wish to change the size of your picture, you can use freeware for image treatment (Gimp,..) or online applications such as Picasa.