Save, preview and publish


The  bouton enregistrer button allows you to save your work at any moment (it is important to save your work regularly because there is no automatic backup).

The bouton enregistrer et prévisualiser button allows you to save and see a preview of your news article, exactly as it will appear online when published.

The bouton enregistrer et fermer button allows you to save and close the news article editor.

Once your news article is online, you can edit it at any time and remove it from the news channel.

Important: a news article whose publication has been stopped and which you re-publish will appear with today’s date at the top of the list in your news. You will have to make sure you put it in the right position using the option allowing you to choose the order in which the news appears.


Once your news is created, you can publish it using the “News” > “Edit my news articles”

éditer mes actualités

Under the “Operations” column, you need to click on the bouton prévisualiser et publier button, then on the bouton publier button in the preview.