FAQ Student halls

EPFL does not possess its own housing campus. The different student halls are managed by independent organizations (foundations, real estate agencies, etc.) and are managed independently from one another.

They become fully booked very quickly, so it is extremely important to register within the first few days the subscription period opens. Dates and duration of registrations vary from one student hall to the other. Conditions and dates are mentioned on each website (generally 2 sessions per year: spring semester / autumn semester).

Some of the student halls are reserved only for Bachelor and Master students registered at EPFL and/or UNIL.

For any specific question related to one of the student halls, we invite you to contact them directly through their website. N.B : some of the student halls have no email address or can be difficult to reach by phone. For any additional information related to student halls, please visit the page dedicated to them on our website.

In the majority of cases, applications for student housing is restricted to registered students in CMS, Bachelor’s, and Master’s programs (including the Exchange students).

For more information, do not hesitate to visit the <a (ads="" student halls on our website.

Please note that some student halls, such as Les Estudiantines and FMEL, are fully-booked quickly. DO NOT WAIT for your EPFL admission confirmation to inquire for residence halls’ procedures and application dates.

Good to know: some of the residences have very short application periods, for instance, 1 to 5 days at the FMEL.

Advice: in order not to miss the information on the application periods for this residence, register to their RSS feed on FMEL’s website (top right of the page).

For all the other residences, applications open in general around March-April for the semester starting in September and around October for the semester starting in February. It is important to verify the dates on each residence’s website.

You do not need to have your admission in order to apply for a student hall. Your EPFL application number will be first required as well as your admission letter later on, when you will have received it from EPFL.

An application/request in a student hall:

  • will not guarantee you a room, as at the moment the offer is weaker than the demand. Apply for several student halls in order to put all the chances on your side.
  • is not a commitment from your side and if an accommodation is offered to you before your arrival, you can refuse it as long as you have not signed a lease. Please read carefully the rental conditions in each student hall.

Consult each student hall’s website in order to know about their different procedures and registration periods (generally twice a year 2.5 months before spring / autumn semester)

DO NOT WAIT for your admission at EPFL to register with a student hall ! Some of the student halls might ask you for your application number from EPFL. You get this number instantly when you open your registration file on the EPFL website. A housing request is not an engagement, you can refuse an offer as long as you haven’t signed a lease.

DO NOT MISS the registration dates ! Some of the student halls only open their registrations for a very short period (1 to 5 days) and if you haven’t registered on time, you will not be able to do it before the following semester.

Make sure to provide all the requested information and documents in the application forms. A complete file has better chances to be retained.

Remember that a registration in a student hall is not a guarantee of obtaining a housing. Subscribe with several student halls in order to increase your chances.

Be patient, student halls attribute their housing according to availability. For the academic year starting in September, allocations are between July and August.

Every student hall being independent from one another, we recommend you to get this information directly from the student halls’ websites.

On our website, you will find a list of the student halls in the Lausanne area.

When you start your application process on the EPFL website, you receive automatically a number starting with BA (for Bachelors), MA (for Masters) or IN (for exchanges) followed by numbers. This is the number that might be required in some application forms.

Be patient, student halls attribute their housings according to availability. For the academic year starting in September, allocations are usually between July and August.

Do not forget that a registration in a student hall does not guarantee that you will obtain housing. Subscribe with several student halls in order to increase your chances and continue searching for another housing option in parallel.