Safety during business and academic travels

According to legal bases, employers have a duty towards their employees to inform, prevent, control and intervene. To fulfill these legal requirements, EPFL relies on a competent partner, renowned for their skills in assisting organizations in the area of risks linked to business and academic travel abroad: International SOS.
Thanks to their services, employees and students benefit from medical and security assistance in the whole world, as from June 1, 2014.

Requesting an International SOS membership card

In order to benefit from International SOS’s services and receive the procedure as well as a membership card, please click here.

  • EPFL employees: a letter will then be sent to you with your membership card (including International SOS’s assistance centers and the EPFL membership number) within ten working days.
  • EPFL students: After announcing your trip in IS-Academia and at the latest during the month preceding your departure, you will receive a cut-up card by email.

Main Assistance Center
International SOS
Geneva: +41 22 785 64 64

If you have lost your membership card, please contact us by email at [email protected] or by phone at 3 24 16.

Announcing trips abroad

Once your travel reservations are made:
As from August 6, 2014, information regarding trips reserved via Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT), EPFL’s travel agency, is automatically transferred into a database. You therefore have nothing more to do (if you already have your International SOS card).
If you have reserved your trip by another means, you must create your account (the portal is external to EPFL) by connecting to the My Trips portal. When you first connect, you must register as a new user. You then have two options to enter the data about your trip:

  • Add a trip and fill in each field.
  • Send the information from the confirmation email to the address [email protected]. Remember to use as an account name the address to which your travel confirmation was sent (that is your EPFL address).

Connecting to the International SOS portal

Connect or download the app to access security and medical information for your country of destination, as well as practical information to prepare your trip.

  • Register your email address to receive alerts regarding your country of destination.
  • During your trip, select the “check-in” button on your smartphone app so that you can be localized in case of emergency.

Travel medicine and vaccination

  • Information on the risks of diseases that can be contracted abroad
  • Vaccinations depending on the destination

Before the trip: you may consult the Policlinique Médicale Universitaire (PMU), rue du Bugnon 44 in Lausanne.
We suggest you schedule your appointment at the PMU early (as soon as you have booked your trip) either by calling the PMU at +41 21 314 49 39 or online.

Remember to take your vaccine record (carnet de vaccination)!

After the trip: care of patients suffering from diseases contracted abroad, particularly tropical, and who are referred by external or CHUV doctors.
In case of fever when you return from your trip, we strongly recommend that you consult immediately!

Frequently asked questions

  • Any employee with a valid EPFL contract who is traveling abroad on a mission related to EPFL benefits from this program. As a general rule, guests and visiting professors do not have an EPFL contract and therefore do not benefit from this assistance.
  • Any student traveling for a project carried out within the academic framework (study trip, international exchange year, mandatory internships and masters project) also benefits from this program.

Caution: for all private trips, this program does not apply.

Doctoral students are considered as employees and must therefore tick the “EPFL employee” box when they register.

At the end of your contract or your studies, you no longer benefit from this assistance program. Please return your International SOS membership card to the DSPS at the address below:


BS 198

Station 4

No. Access to International SOS’s services is free (website consultation, smartphone application, use of the hotline, advice, etc.).

However, all the services generated by International SOS (medical consultation, hospitalization, repatriation, etc.) are chargeable to the traveler. Accordingly, each traveler must check with their private insurance the conditions for possible reimbursement.

No. It is an assistance program to help travelers in the various phases of their trip: preparation, help during the trip and in case of emergency. These services enable travelers to obtain information on the security and medical risks in the country of destination by accessing a website and downloading the International SOS application. In addition, during the trip, in case of problems related to health issues, political instability or natural disasters, the traveler can contact International SOS to receive advice and be taken care of if need be.

Yes. Depending on the countries (United States and Japan, for instance), the costs may be considerably higher than in Switzerland and therefore, some insurances do not cover the full costs incurred abroad.

The traveler himself or a third party from EPFL may request it by simply filling in the inform form and specifying the traveler’s name and details.

A process has been implemented with Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT), EPFL’s travel agency, to make the transmission of this information automatic. Therefore, if you reserve your trip via CWT, you have nothing else to do.

If you have booked your trip by any other means, the information must be manually entered on the My Trips portal.

Every traveler can create his or her own account and fill in the information themselves. However, if some teams would like a single person to have access to the accounts of several travelers, it is possible to grant the access to administrative assistants or travel coordinators so that they fill in the information for the travelers in their team on a specific interface: Manual Trip Entry. In order to do that, interested persons must send an email to [email protected] with their name, first name and email address. We will then send them the link and the user guide for the Manual Trip Entry interface.

Depending on the security and medical risks present in the country of destination, travelers may receive an email with the subject heading “PreTrip Advisory (PTA)”. However, this email may be automatically filed in the spam folder by Outlook. To avoid this sorting, please follow the procedure detailed in the Outlook Setup.pdf document available on our website.