Health and safety guidelines for the exam session

Now it’s up to you!

EPFL has put in place these specific guidelines for the upcoming exam session. Please read them carefully and be sure to follow them.

These health and safety measures are designed to keep you safe, and they come in addition to the measures you should already be taking on a daily basis. They are essential to ensuring that the written and oral exams run smoothly throughout the exam session, which will last several weeks.

Thank you for your cooperation.

General measures

Keep your distance

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Exam rooms will be laid out to ensure that a distance of 2 meters is kept between each person. This is in keeping with the FOPH’s recommended distance of at least 1.5 meters, so you won’t have to wear a face mask while you’re taking your exams.

Face masks

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Because it won’t be possible to maintain a distance of 1.5 meters at all times, students and staff members must wear face masks. They will then be able to take off their masks once they are seated. Please be sure to keep a face mask handy at your seat, so that you can put it on as soon as you stand up.

Students and staff members are required to bring their own masks to the exams.

Please note that if the necessary distance cannot be maintained during the exam (e.g., because experts or proctors have to be close together, or because it is a group exam), you must keep wearing your mask.

Students (only) will be able to purchase masks from EPFL at a reduced price, thanks to support from the Security, Prevention and Health Domain (DSPS) and the EPFL Student Foundation (FEE).

The masks will go on sale on Monday, 27 July, at 2pm.

Where: Welcome desk

When: Monday through Friday, 7:30am to 11:30am, and 2pm to 4pm


  • 10 francs for a box of 50 masks
  • 50 cents for one mask
  • Each student can purchase one box/mask at a time.

How to pay: CAMIPRO card


Pictogramme lavez-vous les mains fréquemment

Hand sanitizer will be available at the entrance of each exam room so that you can disinfect your hands.

All individual exam spaces will be cleaned and disinfected before each exam.

Symptoms and quarantine

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In accordance with the FOPH ordinance, we wish to remind you that if you are showing coronavirus symptoms or have been placed in quarantine, you must stay at home and cannot show up for your exam. If this happens to you, please contact Student Services.

The most common coronavirus symptoms are the following:

  • symptoms of a severe respiratory tract infection (dry cough, sore throat, difficulty breathing)
  • fever
  • sudden loss of smell and/or taste.

Building access

You will be able to come in and out of the exam buildings freely, but access to other campus buildings is still restricted. If you wish to study on campus before or after your exam, you still have to book a study spot using the EPFL Campus app.

Access to the SwissTech Convention Center (STCC)

If your exam room is in the STCC, please follow the indicated route into that building. It’s essential that you follow these directions, so that we can manage people coming in and out of the building in keeping with FOPH recommendations.

Oral exams

Here are some additional measures that apply to oral exams in particular.

In addition to hand sanitizer, there will be surface disinfectant and paper towels available at the entrance of each room to clean the spot where you prepare your oral exam. Please disinfect the table top and the chair when you arrive and just before you leave.

If you are seated in front of a panel of experts for your oral exam rather than standing, you must also clean that chair and table. If you use chalk or any other material that is also used by other students, we recommend that you wash or disinfect your hands as you leave the exam room.


You must wear a mask on the way to your exam seat and when you leave. You can take it off once you’re seated. You must put it back on whenever you move around (such as to go to the bathroom or to hand in your exam).

If, during your oral exam, you are unable to remain at least 1.5 meters from other people, you must wear a mask.

You must wear a mask when you are inside buildings. You do not have to wear it when you’re taking your written exams.

You can be exempted from having to wear a mask on medical grounds. For that, you will need to provide the original of a medical certificate stating that you cannot wear a protective mask. Without a medical certificate, you may not be allowed to enter your exam room if you don’t have a mask on.

If you are exempted from having to wear a mask, you will need to maintain a distance of at least 1.5 meters from other people at all times.

A replacement must be found for any proctor exempted from the mask-wearing requirement.

If you do not wear a mask, you may not be allowed to enter your exam room.

Since everyone is required to wear a mask whenever they move around, there are no specific measures in terms of managing foot traffic.

For exams held in the STCC, the seats have been separated into different colored areas indicated on the rooms’ seating plans. The building entrance you use depends on the area you’ve been assigned to. Follow the color-coded signs outside and inside the building.

For exams in EPFL buildings

Since you are required to wear a mask whenever you move around, no specific measures are necessary, and the seating plan will simply be posted at the entrance to the exam rooms as usual.

For exams in the STCC

Teachers must inform their students in advance of the color of the area in which they will be seated. The allocation of numbered seats will then be posted at the entrance to each area.

Since you are required to wear a mask whenever you move around, no specific measures about arrival times have been put in place.

As mentioned in the health and safety guidelines, hand sanitizer will be provided at the entrance to every exam room.

For the oral exams, surface disinfectant and paper towels will be provided in addition to hand sanitizer.

The rooms will be cleaned and disinfected in the morning, before the exams begin. Students must then disinfect the space they use (chair and table) when they arrive and right before they leave the room.

Please factor this cleaning time into the time set aside for the oral exams.

Like for any health incident, contact the emergency number on campus:

  • From an EPFL landline: 115
  • From a private telephone: 021 693 30 00

If the proctors collect the exam papers, they may choose to wear gloves, although good hand hygiene is sufficient.

If the students hand in their exam papers themselves, they have to wear their mask while doing so.

Students are encouraged to use their own pen to sign the attendance sheet. If that’s not possible, they should simply wash their hands after signing it.

The exam papers do not have to be quarantined. However, hand hygiene is very important.

Students are responsible for their own protective equipment. Masks will be available for them to buy.

For staff members, the units can order protective equipment on Catalyse.

These students must not show up for their exam. They must provide the Registrar’s Office with a medical certificate or an official document proving that they were quarantined.

If necessary, students and teachers can contact the emergency service:

  • From an EPFL landline: 115
  • From a private telephone: 021 693 30 00

You can call EPFL’s technical center (PCC) at 021 693 40 00.