Frequently Asked Questions

Can I register with my Facebook account?

No. The service is only available for the EPFL community. Your EPFL e-mail address is used as an accreditation.

Why does the system keep changing?

The EPFL Cargobike-sharing system is a first in Switzerland. As a pilot project, it is likely to evolve depending on the experience and feedbacks.

Can I register on a website?

No, you can only register via the App.

Can I use this service without a smartphone?

No, you can only control the smartlock through a smartphone and a Bluetooth connection. An alternative was tested previously with unsatisfactory results at all levels.

How do I rent a cargobike?

When a cargobike is available, it appears on the map. Click on it, then on “Rent now” and follow the procedure.

Why can’t I see any cargobike on the map?

If no cargobike appears on the map, it means they are all rented out or booked. You might then see a cargobike at its hub and not on the map: it just means someone booked it but has not used it yet.

Can I reserve a cargobike in advance?

No, the reservation function was removed by our partner until further notice. You can only rent a bike right away and for a maximum period of 48 hours. We are actively looking into solutions.

Do I have to subscrive to the theft insurance?

No, the theft insurance is not needed.

Why do you need my credit card information?

You credit card information is a security for us, for example in case of damages on the bike or if you go beyond the rental period.

Can I rent a cargobike twice or more in a row?


No because the cargobikes are shared between users: monopolizing is therefore against our system’s basic principle.

My cargobike won’t unlock. What should I do?

You might be incorrectly located: try moving a few meters and turning your wifi on or off.

During office ours, you can send us an e-mail or call our Sustainable mobility manager 021 693 36 91.

Can I transport someone on a cargobike?

The transport case is not designed for this purpose and it is strictly forbidden by the law.

I can’t end my rental: what should I do?

Try deactivating your wi-fi connection with data on, or vice versa.

If this does not work, leave your cargobike at the hub and lock it. Instead of ending the rental, simply cancel it and tell us why.

Can I use the cargobike outside campus?

You can use it anywhere. However, pay attention to the autonomy and the traffic regulations. Also make sure you have the right equipment (helmet, reflective vest and/or armband, etc.).

Can I drive a cargobike like a normal bike?

Driving a cargobike may require a short time to adapt. Just try it before you hit the road!

How much weight can I transport?

The transport box can hold a maximum of 100 kg.

Why won’t the lock open by itself?

Under certain conditions, it may happen that the automatic opening does not work: simply apply a light pressure on the lever in the upper direction.

How much autonomy do I have?

The autonomy should be around 30 to 40 kilometers. If you use the electrical assistance moderately, the battery can last much longer. You can set the level of assistance on the “+” and “-” command on the left handlebar.

How can I check the battery charge level?

The charge level is indicated on the center console’s screen.

If you want to physically check the charge level, press the tiny button on the right side of the battery, under the LED capacity gauge.

Why is the electric assitance not working?

Known issues:

  • The center console is off: press the “power” button on the bottom left.
  • The battery is flat: check the cable and wait until the battery is fully loaded (see “How can I check the battery charge level?”)

What can I do if the battery won’t charge?

Check that the cable is correctly connected on both sides. Above the electric socket in the box, also check that the yellow/grey switch is on position “1”.

If nothing happens, please contact us.