Bike parking

More than 3’400 bicycle parking spaces are available on the EPFL campus. A secure bike station is also available in the Quartier Nord. Public bike pumps complete the offer for cyclists.

Bike station

The EPFL community has free access to a secure bike station with 324 spaces. Located in the Quartier Nord, it is accessible 24/7 with the CAMIPRO card.


More than 3’400 parking spaces are available on the EPFL campus. A wide variety of racks ensures the needs of cyclists.

Self-service bicycle pumps

EPFL has 7 public bicycle pumps for safe cycling.

Abandoned bicycles

Every year, EPFL Sustainability conducts a bike collection action on campus. Thus, 100 bikes are recovered and refurbished at the EPFL Bike Center before finding a new owner.

Bicycle theft

Can’t find your bike? Try contacting the building’s concierge where you parked your bike, or possibly the Bike Center. If the theft is confirmed, please file a complaint to notify the police and maybe ask for an insurance refund.


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