Point Vélo

The Point vélo is the heart of EPFL’s cycling movement: a point of sale for new and second-hand bikes, cycling gear at reduced prices, as well as repairs at cost and free mechanics courses. These products and services are reserved for the EPFL community.
Point Vélo EPFL


Catalogue 2023

Repairs, by yourself or by us. Second-hand bikes with light kit and lock (students from CHF 150.-, staff from CHF 200.-). New bikes at -25%, helmets, locks, lighting kits, shoes, etc.

Other services

Self-service wash and repair stations (west side) Second-hand bike buy-back.

Free mechanics courses

ThePoint Vélo regularly organizes free mechanics courses. We have also prepared videos on how to maintain your bike!


Point Vélo EPFL - Alain Herzog

The team

Your bikes are taken care of by a team of 12 students, trained at Point Vélo. In parallel to their studies, they spend several hours each week to offer a unique service to the EPFL community!

Point Vélo EPFL

Vision and results

At the Point Vélo, we strive to provide the best possible service, while integrating sustainability into our daily activities. Learn more about our mission in our activity report!


The current building, with its low energetic and environmental impact, was built in 2018 as a result of a student architectural competition within the LAST laboratory.

The Point Vélo will be exceptionally closed for repairs on Friday April 29th.

Monday May 2nd will be the launch of Bike To Work, we will only be open for this opening event!



Mayeul Barthes

During the semester:
Monday-Thursday: 12 am-1 pm
Friday: 12 am-5 pm

Other periods:
Monday-Friday: 12 am-1 pm

[email protected]

021 693 97 15

Bike Center
PV 94.0 (Bâtiment PV)
Station 2
CH-1015 Lausanne

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