ENUU Carsharing – Pilot Project


ENUU, a Biel-based start-up, and EPFL Sustainable Campus launched a self-service vehicle pilot-project in May 2017. For a month, three ENUU electric vehicles circulated on the campus at the hands of 250 participants. 

These vehicles combine the advantages of the electric bike and the car. They can use the bicycle paths at a maximum speed of 30 km/h while being protected from the rain and without a driving licence required. 

They did not expect such a success but 250 beta-testers lent themselves to the game. The campus was then the Biel-based start-up’s microlaboratory for a month and a qualitative analysis made it possible to evaluate the entire service, from booking to recharging the battery, including the technical characteristics of the vehicles. 

This pilot-project made it possible to improve the concept before the launch of 13 vehicles in Biel in July.